The Teacher Education Council of State Colleges and Universities (TECSCU) joins the number of organizations, teachers and superintendents, private citizens, and legislators in opposing the new federal regulations for teacher education. (Please 
see ) We applaud the Department of Education's responses to the concerns raised to the regulations during the public comment period. We also understand and affirm the need for institutions to provide clearer information regarding the effectiveness of teaching and teacher education that does not rely heavily on PreK-12 student test scores. However, the new regulations offer no support to institutions that are working to prepare the diverse teaching workforce the nation's schools need, nor are any resources offered to help states address the regulations. As others have noted, the mandates would require PreK-12 schools and state education offices to create data systems and processes that are unrealistic given the lack of resources and strained budgets under which many of them currently operate. The regulations also represent an unprecedented top-down impingement on higher education and PreK-12 schools that contradicts the intent of newly passed Every Student Succeeds Act. Furthermore they come at a time when the government is still struggling to renew the Higher Education Act. Simply put, these regulations are untimely and represent yet another unfunded, unscientific mandate that would further undermine the teaching profession in this country. 

TECSCU also joins with the organizations, scholars, private citizens, and legislators who encourage the Department of Education to support the ongoing efforts of colleges and universities to prepare the number and quality of teachers that the nation needs, rather than require further unfounded bureaucratic measures of them.